VMware Horizon 7.3.1 What are the cool new things and limitations

/ October 24, 2017/ VMware Horizon

On october 3 2017, VMware Released a new version of Horizon 7.3.1, In this blog i will bundle some of the cool new things.



From Horizon 7.3.1 Windows 10 build 1511 CBB is no longer supported, if you use this build you can better stay at Horizon version 7.2

Horizon  7.3.1
Win 10 1507 LTSB (Enterprise) Supported
Win 10 1507 CBB (Enterprise, Professional) – EOL’ed Not supported
Win 10 1511 CBB (Enterprise, Professional) Not supported
Win 10 1607 LTSB (Enterprise) Supported
Win 10 1607 CBB (Enterprise) Supported
Win 10 1703 CB (Enterprise, Professional) Not supported
Win 10 1703 CBB / Semi-Annual Channel (broad deployment) Supported

# note that build 1703 CB is not supported #

Some cool new features
Instant clone
  • Instant clone are now supported on datastores that is part of an sDRS cluster
  • Creation of dedicated instant-clone desktop pools
  • Instant clone is now supported for Windows server
    • Horizon 7.3.1
      Server 2016 64 bit Standard and Datacenter Full Support
      Server 2012 R2 Standard and Datacenter Full Support
      Server 2008R2 64 bit Datacenter Full Support

Server 2012 is not supported, unlike R2

Help desk Tool
  • Help desk activity log for each user
    2017-10-22 13_25_31-Mozilla Firefox
  • Session and host cpu in the same chart
  • Session and host memory in the same chart
  • All the system processes in one overview
  • All the user applications in one overview
  • Help Desk Administrator or Read Only roles
  • You can create custom roles

#More on that in my next blog!#

HTML5 Video Redirection

Previous version of Horizon supports MMR, this was an option to redirect the multimedia to the local client. the disadvantage of MMR was that limit operating editions was supported and it only works with a few video extensions.

Now with Horizon version 7.3.1, there is a new feature called HTML5 video redirection. This feature redirect html5 video from a chrome browser ( version 58 or higher ) to the windows client. this feature can be used with the protocols blast extreme or PCoIP.

While installing the Horizon agent, you can select the feature “HTML5 multimedia redirection” in the custom setup for enabling this component.

Start Menu Shortcuts

With this new release, It-admins can improve the user experience by adding desktop and application shortcuts at the client side.

  • Edit the application in the application pool
  • For Desktops it’s the same procedure
  • check if the app shortcut is enabled
  • When the user start Horizon, the following question will be asked
  • Additional users can change this setting, under the tab client settings, after logging in
  • The Remote desktop app, will be showed in the start menu. additional users can pin the icon to the start menu






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