Bye old flash vSphere web client, Hello HTML5 client in vSphere 6.5 update 1

/ September 5, 2017/ VMware

Almost every It admin working with the flash  vSphere web client have some complaints about performance and stability. Mostly admins used the old .net framework client for common operations. It is faster and more stable comparison the Flash based web client.

The new HTML5 web client was introduced as a fling  and since vSphere version 6.5 it is included and fully supported ( partial functionality ) . no appliance is needed for running the web client

The HTML5 web client is faster and stable than the flash client, also it has a nice user interface.

Recently VMware Released vSphere version 6.5 update 1, with this release almost 90% of the general workloads can be done, this is great news!

Here is a small list of functionality


  • Create and delete datastore cluster
  • DRS/HA virtual machine overrides
  • Storage Overview
  • Overview status of inventory objects


  • Migration to new compute and storage resource
  • Migration to another cluster
  • Migration of multiple virtual machines at once
  • Migration across vCenter Servers
  • Remove multiple VMs from vSphere inventory
  • Hardware > add existing hard disk
  • Options > Boot options
  • Options > VMware Tools
  • Options > Power Management

Distributed Switch

  • Add and manage hosts
  • Create new distributed switch
  • Remove distributed switch


  • Configure SDRS rules and VM overrides ( vm anti-affinity and vmdk anti-affinity )
  • Drag and drop between datastore and datastore cluster


  • Edit TCP/IP stacks
  • Migrate VMs to another network


  • Roles
  • Global permissions
  • Single sign-on (users and groups, Configuration)

Click here for a official full list of supported and unsupported functionality

For using the HTML5 web client, use the following url “https://<FQDN or IP-Address of VCENTER>/ui”

With 90% functionality of the html5 web client, VMware brings another reason to upgrade your environment to version 6.5 update 1. also Adobe announced that Flash will be deprecated in the future ( end of 2020 )

Good luck with updating/upgrading your environment








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