Upgrade vSphere 7.0.x failed because of a Missing Dependency Vibs

/ November 18, 2022/ VMware, vSphere

So, after upgrading the hardware, changing the .vmx file. The upgrade failed because a dependency of an old vib. “VMware_bootbank_esx-nsxv_6.5.0-0.0.8590012” Its time to delete this old vib, because this system has been used for testing with nsxv… 

First place the host in maintenance mode

#esxcli system maintenanceMode set –enable true

Make a list of the installed vibs

#Esxcli software vib list

Remove the installed Vib “esx-nsxv”
#esxcli software vib remove –vibname=”esx-nsxv”

Reboot the system and try the upgrade again.

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