Horizon 7.3.1 Help Desk Tool, New Cool Things

/ October 26, 2017/ VMware Horizon

2017-10-22 14_38_31-Mozilla FirefoxWith the release of Horizon 7.3.1 there are a few improvements and new features in the updated Help Desk Tool, in this blog I will describe the coolest features in this release.



Horizon Help Desk requires the Enterprise or Horizon Apps advanced edition license. Horizon standard license dos not include the Help desk component.

In my test environment, I logged in as the user “testuser” With the Help desk Tool ( https://FQDN/helpdesk ), you can easily view the desktop and Application entitlement besides the current session. With Horizon version 7.3.1 there is a new tab named “Activity” with this tab, you can see all the events regarding the user logon

2017-10-22 15_16_51-Mozilla Firefox

you can filter the activity between 12 Hours and 30 days, or select “all” for all the events of the user. additional you can export the activity log

When you select the active desktop under the tab session, all the necessary information is showing for troubleshooting technical problems like high cpu, memory and latency. so you may think, what’s new in this version? With Horizon version 7.3.1 VMware combines Session and host cpu/memory counters in the same chart

2017-10-22 15_40_14-Mozilla Firefox

As showing in the above screenshot, there are three tabs “Details,Processes and applications” in the previous version, the default tab was the default view.

When selecting the Processes tab, you will see an overview of all the processes of that machine ( system and user ) By default all the columns are showed. you can sort the output ascending and descending and hide some columns.

2017-10-22 15_46_19-Mozilla Firefox

After selecting the process, hit the button “end Process”

2017-10-22 16_32_34-Mozilla Firefox

With the “application” tab, it-admins or help desk engineers can easily see which applications are running under the user account, and all in a single view 😉

Have Fun!




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