Horizon 7.8 Logon as current user not working

/ March 20, 2019/ VMware, VMware Horizon

The Feature “logon as current user” is by default enabled on Horizon versions earlier than 7.8. On 14 March 2019 a new version of VMware Horizon has been released with the build number 7.8. within this release there are several security improvements.

One of the security improvements are that “logon as current user” and “Hide domain” by default is disabled. In order to enable both things, new configuration settings (checkboxes) must be enabled within the administrator console of Horizon.

You cannot change the behavior at the client side with the existing group policy. You need to enable the configuration settings on each connection broker.
• Under Inventory unfold “View Configuration”
• Select “Servers”
• Go to tab “Connection Servers”
• Select and edit one of the connection brokers

Check the checkbox “Accept Logon as current user”

Be aware that the checkbox must be enabled individually on every connection broker in your environment. It is not a global setting. If you forgot one server, a user which authenticates cannot logged in as a current user. This is not a key feature, but it can confuse the members of IT-support.

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