Horizon 7.8 Authentication can not proceed (Domain Name is invalid)

/ March 20, 2019/ VMware Horizon

Horizon 7.8 Authentication can not proceed (Domain Name is invalid)

After upgrading my VMware Horizon environment from 7.7 to 7.8. The following error message appears while trying to logged in with the Horizon Client:
Authentication can not proceed (Domain Name is invalid)

Within Horizon version 7.8 there are several new security improvements regarding the domain list and the feature “Logon as current user
By default started at version 7.8 Domains will not be listed while accessing the environment from the Horizon client. This result that users cannot logged-in without manually giving the company domain or sub-domain.

To solve this problem, there are three options;

1 The user will need to provide a UPN (Testuser@domain.nl)
2 Enable option “Hide domain list in client user interface” (Testuser@domain.nl or domain\testuser)
3 Enable option “Send domain list” ( domains are listed, user can select the domain)

The third option is a new property within the administrator console. Before Horizon 7.8, this was a default setting. The administrator was in the lead to choose if the domains must be listed.

How to change?

Within the administrator console

  • unfold “View Configuration”
  • Select “Global Settings”
  • Under General, select Edit

Enable “send domain list”

After enabling the “send domain list” users can select the correct domain within the horizon client.

#Note after upgrading the horizon client to version 5.0.0 build-12606690. the user is able to logged in with the UPN domain\username and username@domain.com

Optional you can hide specific domains with the command vdadmin -n. for the full list i refer to https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.8/horizon-administration/GUID-3E9924EC-1554-43E5-A812-84F9711909A5.html


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    1. You’re welcome 😁😁

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