Workspace One Access Map domains to multiple Organization Groups

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While using multiple organization groups (OG) to organize devices and users. This makes it possible to set unique configurations for multi-tenant environments or different departments. Within “workspace One access” it is possible to link those organization groups with specific domains to make sure that the devices would be registered in the correct Group during an enrollment.

After the enrollment process both user and device would be verified if both records has been corrected registered within the appropriate organization group in “Workspace One UEM”

This blog contains a small step by step guide in order to configure the integration within workspace one Access.

In order to make the connection there are a few pre-requirements:

  • Create a API Key within the workspace One Uem console
  • Write down the details of the organization group
    • Group ID
    • Name

Create API Key within the console

The following section contains a step by step plan to create a new Rest API Key. While configuring the connection within “Workspace One access”, you need to insert the new API key in order to make a integration between the platform for the specific organization group.

  • go to “Groups & Settings”
  • Select “All Settings”

after that:

  • go to “System”
  • Select “Advanced”
  • click on “Rest Api”

Because the screenshots has been captured from a live environment, the whole set of Api keys has been deleted from the screen capture. In your environment, there are a few keys listed.

  • Add a new api key
  • Give the Api key a name that can be addressed in the future.
  • Copy the Api key (you need this key later on)
  • Save the configuration

Get the details of your organization group

While configuring the integration in the next steps, you need at least the Api key, name and the group ID of the organization group.

  • go to “Groups & Settings”
  • Groups
  • Organization Groups
  • hit on “Details”

Write down the name and Group Id of the organization group.

Additional mind the configuration about the correct time zone and Locale. The wrong time zone can caused problems.

Workspace One Access portal

Go to the Workspace One Access administration console as Admin

  • go to “Identity & Access Management”
  • hit on tab “VMware Workspace One UEM”

Enable the check-box “Map domains to multiple Organization groups”

  • select the listed domain ( connector was already configured)
  • Set the “Group ID” In this case value “2020”
  • Paste the Api Key which has been created in the workspace one console.
  • Set the name of the organization group. in this case “Virtualblog”

Don’t forgot the save the configuration 

Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Thank you so much for the brief of organization group.
    I have a doubt
    is this API Key need to create only once when we create the first organization group ? or every new organization group creating needs to be done this API Key?

    1. Hello, So far i know you need to set the api key for every new Child organization Group ๐Ÿ˜€

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