VDI W10 DEM, save Start menu and Default file associations

/ November 25, 2019/ VMware Horizon

Hello all, this blog contains configuration settings to save the Windows 10 Start Menu and Default file Associations.

To satisfy the customer need for being flexible in combination with VDI, it is a nice thing that you can save the icons at the start menu and taskbar.

The configuration has been tested with several accounts and different production and test environments. Getting the configuration files has taken a lot of personal time and therefore i would like to share it with my readers.

Start Menu

Since  the release of Windows 10 build 1709, the configuration about the start menu has been saved within the registry instead of a database. Therefore With DEM or other user environment managers can be used to set or save the start menu by including the following registry key:
**the following output is a copy from the DEM console**


By saving the above registry key, users can save their own tiles within the start menu and taskbar, even the location would be saved.

Default file associations

While testing my environment with the default template from DEM to save and set the file associations, I noticed that the template doesn’t work in combination with the Windows 10 build 1809.

to save the file associations the following registry keys will be exported at logoff and imported while the user logged in.



With DEM you can set predefined settings to ensure that all users have the same default file associations for the first session. Users are able to reset the custom file associations back to the original which has been set by the system administrator. The following set of predefined settings is an example. You may use it in your own environment ;

The following predefined settings are configured:

  • https and http will be opened with IE instead of Edge
  • .PDF file will be opened with Adobe Reader DC
  • Mails will be opened with Outlook instead of the default mail app

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