VMware PSC failed to run vdcpromo

/ July 24, 2018/ VMware, vSphere

Hi All, I’ve got something to share about an error while deploying a new PSC in an existing SSO domain.

In the second admin interface ( stage 2 ), after deploying the appliance, you must specify which configuration you wanna used for your environment.
In my case I was trying to connect a second PSC appliance to my existing SSO domain with a new site.

At almost 6%, I’ve received an error message which contains the following message; “vmware psc failed to run vdcpromo”, and that was all.
the bad thing was you cannot retry the configuration wizard, you must re-deploy the appliance.

After the second time getting the same error, I’ve enabled ssh for looking closer in the logging, I believe there was more.

When hitting an error while deploying the appliance, you can use the following log file to get more information


Oh, that is the cause. object vcs-psc02.breugel.local exists already. a few weeks ago, I’ve upgrade the PSC01 with a newer version, using the gui installer. This way of upgrade deploys a new appliance with a tempory ip adress and configuration. the installer runs an import job at the end, but i think it doesn’t cleaned everything up.

For deleting the old object, use the following command

cmsso-util unregister –node-pnid FQDN_of_failed_PSC_or_vCenter –username administrator@your_domain_name –passwd vCenter-Single-Sign-On-password

In my case, after deleting the old object, the configuration wizard succeeded and my PSC appliance was ready for use.

The most common errors are;

  • Time errors ( Time missmatch with other PSC servers are killing for your deployment )
  • DNS errors ( The dns records must be created before doing the configuering )

so before deploying and configuring, check the prerequisites

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