vRealize Operations Manager How to Change IP Address

/ January 30, 2018/ vRealize

While deploying vRealize Operations Manager in my test environment as OVF, I noticed that the static IP address configured in the wizard, didn’t apply to the configuration of the appliance. By default, it is using dhcp instead of static .

While searching to the right tab, I noticed that you can’t change the ip address of the master in the web interface. It’s all done by CLI.

Open the console of the VM and press Alt+F1 for changing the view to remote console ( Press Alt+F2 to changing back )

When trying to change the ip address under the default admin account, I’ve got several access denied messages when applying the configuration. The reason behind the access denied messages was that you need more privileges. after a short search I noticed that there is an root account which you can use to change some settings of the appliance. Notice that by default, there is no root password configured.





Additional after setting the root password, you can enable SSH with the following command; “service sshd start” In my case I enabled SSH so that i can use WinSCP or putty for editing configuration files.

follow up the following steps to change the IP adress.

– Press option 6
– Configure an IPv4 address for eth0? : “Y”
– Use a DHCPv4 Server : “N”
– Insert the new IP address
– Change the Netmask if needed
– Check the configuration and press “Y”

#Reboot the appliance after successfully setting the new IP address#

When the appliance is completed with booting, follow the following steps as root user;

– service vmware-casa stop
– Edit the file “/storage/db/casa/webapp/hsqldb/casa.db.script”

,”is_admin_node”:true,”ip_address”:”NEW IP ADDRESS“,”preferred_addresses”:{},”slice_name”:”Master01″,”membership_state”:null}}}’)

After saving the file, start the VMware-Casa service with the command “service vmware-casa start”

Edit the following properties files and replace the current IP address with the new one.






After saving the last property, reboot the appliance and check if everything is come up normally.

Start the cluster at the Operations manager administrator web interface “https://FQDN-or-IP/admin/”

After starting the cluster, check If everything is working as expected “https://FQDN-or-IP/ui/










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  1. How can I make vcenter open up the appliance using the FQDN instead of the IP address? The FQDN is trusted (via the cert we installed). The IP address does work but you have to add a browser exception since its not the FQDN like on the cert.

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